3 Systems You Must Consider When Looking at Dayton Homes for Sale

There is something exciting about viewing all the Dayton homes for sale. Whether looking for a two-story with plenty of room to spread out, or you prefer to have a tiny house with just enough space to keep the essentials, finding what you need has never been easier. Whatever your preference, the Dayton Ohio area has plenty to offer.

However, you may need to do some inspection beyond the décor, before you even consider any of the Dayton homes for sale.


Any Dayton homes for sale should have their HVAC system checked before making an offer on the home.

One of the most important areas of any Dayton homes for sale is the HVAC system. In older homes seen all over the Dayton area, you will find a forced air system that doesn’t have duct work. In most of the older classics, it has one large vent that sits in the middle of the downstairs or main level of the home. A home that doesn’t have any duct work won’t be able to have central air. All of these things can be added, but the costs are significant.


The plumbing is essential to the livability of any home. If you are looking at old classic style Dayton homes for sale, you especially need to pay attention to the plumbing system. Older systems can be a bear to repair. Has the plumbing been upgraded or is it rather new?

Turn on the water and listen for any strange noises, like rattling in the pipes. Inspect the pipes on the outside, do they appear to be rusted and in poor shape? Do you see heat tape on pipes? This is a sure bet they have had issues with pipes freezing in the past.


Another significant system is the electrical. Does the home still have fuses instead of a breaker box? All of these things are a huge risk of a fire as well as a possible challenge finding adequate insurance when it has not been upgraded. Some families upgrade parts of the system that have experienced trouble, but they leave the other parts of the original system intact. Electricity is an important area of any home to ensure it is in safe and working order.

Finding your dream home from among all the Dayton homes for sale will take some work. However, make sure to do a bit of a walk-through and look at more than just carpet and wallpaper. You want to make sure the home is structurally sound as well.

Exclusive buyer’s agents, such as the ones from Buyer’s Corner Realty in Dayton Ohio, are more likely to help you find the perfect deal on any Dayton homes for sale than by using the services of a traditional real estate agent who is obligated by law to work in the best interest of the seller.

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