December Deals and Duds

As the year is winding down, some December deals are starting to heat up. But not everything is a bargain. Some things you should definitely avoid buying in December, and some things, depending on when you buy during the month, can be a real bargain… We have more tips for you at the link to […]

Best Gifts For People Who Have Everything

With Christmas now just a few days away, chances are you still have gifts to buy. But what are the best gifts for those people on your holiday list who say they have everything? . We have more tips for you at the link to your right under Dayton Ohio Real Estate Categories. . And […]

7 Dumb Purchases – Dayton Ohio Houses Not One of Them

Buying Dayton Ohio houses is not on the list of the 7 dumbest purchases you could make, but these things that we tend to "treat ourselves to" usually leave us wallowing in regret later on. Buying Dayton Ohio Houses Not on This List If you're considering buying any one of the many Dayton Ohio houses […]

5 Dayton Ohio Scams to Avoid

Summer means vacations and breaks for most of us, but Dayton Ohio scams never take a break, and some even get worse during summer months. Here are five Dayton Ohio scams that are common in the summer and steps you can take to avoid them, rather than opening up your wallet and giving to them. […]

Dayton Ohio Consumer Confidence in High Gear

Dayton Ohio consumer confidence, led by high hopes for the Dayton Ohio housing market, has recovered from its doubts in the wake of the government shutdown last fall and is starting the new year on a tear. Two weeks ago economists at The Conference Board forecasted that for the year as a whole growth will […]

Dayton Ohio Gas Prices Dropping

Dayton Ohio gas prices for regular unleaded is running at about 35 cents below a year ago, but if historical trends hold true, in the stretch between the beginning of Fall and Halloween, there is more room for prices to fall. Between September 19th and Halloween, the U.S. average gasoline price has fallen by an […]

Sequester Could Ruin Your Vacation And More

We’ve already been talking about the sequester and what it could do to affect the Dayton Ohio economy. The sequester – $85 billion in federal budget cuts – went into effect March 1. If you’ve been following the news and thinking it will only affect federal employees facing a furlough, you may be wrong. In […]