Worst Dayton Ohio Home Buying Mistakes You Can Make

Unlike most first times where it doesn’t take much to start over, making Dayton Ohio home buying mistakes when buying your first home can be devastating. There’s pressure to get the home buying process right the first time around. Knowing where you can go wrong can help you avoid pitfalls. Here are a few tips to help […]

Dayton Ohio Home Buying: Think “New”

The Dayton Ohio home buying market offers a number of options. With sales of new construction last year surging to the highest level since 2007, single-family home production is projected to reach 840,000 units this year. That represents an increase of 18% over 2015, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The challenge […]

Dayton Ohio Home Buying Tips – 3 Strategies

Dayton Ohio home buying is neither an art nor a science, but somewhere in between. There are a number of factors to consider when you’re ready to buy. In addition, there are some proven strategies that will help you buy a home that is likely to appreciate more quickly. Let’s take a brief look at […]

5 Dayton Ohio Home Buying Deal-breakers

Your Dayton Ohio home buying dream is within reach. You've found a home you really like, but suddenly something's just not right. What do you do? That depends, of course, on what the issue is – and just how badly you want the home. Here are five potential problems worth thinking about before you make a […]

Dayton Ohio Home Buying: Pulling Heartstrings?

Dayton Ohio home buying is competitive. Jockeying for position has some purchasers using a bold new tactic: personal letters sent to the seller of the home they want. Let's look at why this phenomenon exists –- and whether it's right for you. Dayton Ohio Home Buying Becomes Personal Most real estate agents agree it's rare today for buyers […]

Dayton Ohio Home Buying: Get Educated

Dayton Ohio home buying just got a little easier, thanks to home buyer education classes. For those receiving down payment assistance, a home buyer education course may be a requirement. Mortgage lenders may also require the course. The classes can be very informative for anyone thinking of buying a home. Take a Dayton Ohio Home Buying […]

Dayton Ohio Home Buying Tips: Choose a Pro

Once you decide to enter the Dayton Ohio home buying market you'll be faced with a number of decisions. None will be more important than the choices you make when it comes to finding a lender and a real estate agent. These and other professionals will make the home buying process more efficient and, ultimately, […]