Dayton Ohio Housing Recovery Update

The Dayton Ohio housing recovery seems to be seeing a bottom finally getting closer, but getting there remains dicey. Home sales are steady, more sellers are lowering their prices and the inventory of homes for sale is dropping. Unfortunately, the inventory doesn’t include the so-called “shadow inventory” of both distressed properties and those still held […]

Buying a Dayton Home – Think Long Term

Not long ago, buying a Dayton home was the best investment you could make. Not only did it provide a place to live, but it provided instant wealth for many homeowners through rapid home-price appreciation. Renting seemed risky. If you didn’t own a Dayton home, you’d miss out on equity buildup that would bankroll a […]

5 Reasons to Buy a Dayton Home in 2012

There are certainly more than 5 benefits to owning a Dayton home. Yet some first-time buyers are skeptical of buying a home with the uncertainty surrounding the housing market. The uncertainty many refer to when talking about the housing market involves the magic date when home values will start to increase again. Since no one […]