How to Check If a Dayton Ohio Property Has Harmful Lead Paint

If you’re considering buying an older home, one of the things you should check for is if the paint has lead in it. Since it’s been discovered that lead in paint can cause health problems, the industry has stopped using it in new homes. Unfortunately, not all older homes have replaced their lead paint, so it’s something a house buyer still needs to look into while browsing any older Dayton Ohio property for sale.

Just How Old is Old?

Many people think that as long as a house was built after 1978 (the year when lead paint was banned) that the Dayton Ohio property must not have any lead paint. However, home inspectors have found houses constructed in the 90s with lead paint. The reason why some houses built after 1978 still have lead paint is that some painters stocked up on lead paint when they found out the government was going to ban it. Lead paint was illegal to manufacture and buy, but painters who already had lead paint were allowed to use it.

How to Tell If a Dayton Ohio Property Has Lead Paint

Have your potential new Dayton Ohio property checked to make sure there is no lead paint.

When lead paint begins to deteriorate, it forms a scale-like pattern. Some people refer to it as “alligatoring”. Check inside closets, basement window sashes, and baseboards for crumbling paint. Most homeowners wouldn’t leave crumbling paint on the walls because it’s too noticeable. If there are no visible signs of lead paint, then you should ask a professional home inspector to check for its presence. They will use an x-ray to look through the paint layers in the home. Lead can be detected this way because x-rays can’t pass through lead.

After you know whether or not a house has lead paint, you can make an informed buying decision that will keep your family safe. Assuming the house has lead paint, you can negotiate a lower price with the seller as well. Consider hiring an exclusive buyer’s agent to effectively negotiate on your behalf.

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