Dayton Ohio Economic Update: The Cost of Housing

As spring rapidly approaches, the Dayton Ohio economic update is for housing to cost more for many new prospective home buyers. Higher mortgage rates, rising home prices and slow-to-moderate job and income growth threaten to combine for a less than stellar spring home buying season. The end of 2016 saw home affordability reach its lowest […]

Dayton Ohio Economic Outlook – The Election Impact

The Dayton Ohio economic outlook will likely become a little bit clearer – or not – now that the presidential election has been decided. And for an election that was largely based on campaign rhetoric regarding the U.S. economy, the nation’s housing concerns have been largely ignored by both candidates. Let’s take a brief look […]

Dayton Ohio Economy and Housing: Future Trends to Watch

The Dayton Ohio economy and housing, of course, is a subset of the national economy and housing market. As such, it’s important to keep abreast of recent changes and future trends in the economy – and how they will ultimately affect the overall housing market. Let’s examine five areas of interest in the economy and what […]

Beware of Financial Fraud in Dayton Ohio’s Economy

Hardly a day goes by without Dayton Ohio’s economy being adversely affected by financial fraud. The reported fraudulent activity ranges from hackers being able to access a business’ computer network to various types of identity theft. Despite new chip-enabled credit cards and the general heightened awareness of phishing scams, hackers are becoming much more sophisticated […]

Dayton Ohio Economy: Homes “Underwater”

The Dayton Ohio economy has some things in common with other housing markets throughout the country. Despite substantial improvements in home prices in 2015, there are still a large number of borrowers “underwater” on their mortgages. This article will look at the reasons why this dilemma is still true for many homeowners. Dayton Ohio Economy […]