Dayton Ohio Home Inspection Facts and Myths

Dayton Ohio home inspection facts will always be a topic of discussion in real estate circles. Home inspections are likely to remain in steady demand as the real estate market is expected to continue to be relatively good in 2017. Home inspections are, of course, a valuable tool in assisting buyers in making informed, educated […]

Dayton Ohio Home Inspections: Four Areas of Concern

When you hire a Dayton Ohio home inspections specialist, there are often problems that even the most knowledgeable and experienced home inspectors can’t always see. While trained professional inspectors can notice wood rot, spot weak places on a home’s roof or locate cracks in a foundation, there are some areas that can go undetected. While […]

The Importance of a Dayton Ohio Home Inspection

A Dayton Ohio home inspection isn’t just a good idea. It’s imperative if you’re contemplating buying a starter home or “fixer-upper.” Before you buy any house – regardless of its age, size or condition – select a qualified home inspector to thoroughly inspect it and provide you with a complete report. Here are a few […]

Dayton Ohio Home Inspections: Deal Breakers

Dayton Ohio home inspections are an integral part of the real estate buying process. While inspections are not always required, most experts agree they are important. A thorough home inspection provides a home buyer with the peace of mind that there aren’t major issues with the house they’re considering buying. In some cases, an inspection […]

Dayton Ohio Home Inspections

Dayton Ohio home inspections have become an important commodity in today's real estate market. Home buying can be a fun adventure. However, it can also be worrisome, stressful and problematic. The last thing you want or need during the home buying process is to make your purchase, move in your newly-found home and discover there […]

When a Dayton Ohio Home Inspection Goes Bad

A Dayton Ohio home inspection may not necessarily be required, but it’s usually a good idea and a popular recommendation from industry insiders and real estate agents. However, hiring the right inspection company or home inspector is very important. Because home inspection horror stories can and do happen, some prospective buyers seek the expertise of […]