Dayton Ohio Homes for Sale: 3 Important Questions to Ask Before Buying

There are so many things to know before buying a new home that it’s easy to forget a few important questions to ask. One way to make sure you’re getting a great deal on Dayton Ohio homes for sale is to consult with an exclusive buyer’s agent because they always have the buyer’s interests at the forefront. Also remember to ask these three questions before buying a home:

Do the windows need to be replaced?

When looking at Dayton Ohio homes for sale, ask these 3 questions

A question that many people don’t think to ask when looking at Dayton Ohio homes for sale is whether or not the windows need to be replaced. On average, replacing the windows can cost around $15,000, so it’s important to ask if the windows need to be replaced before buying a home. If the windows will need repairs or replacement, then you can try to negotiate a lower selling price for the house.

Is there a seller’s disclosure?

You should always read the seller’s disclosure before committing to buying a home. The seller’s disclosure will inform you of any problems with the house that the seller is aware of. Keep in mind there could be other defects the seller doesn’t know about, so don’t rely solely on the seller’s disclosure. It’s very helpful in giving you an idea of what you’re buying but isn’t the be-all and end-all. Have a property inspection carried out to detect issues that might affect the home’s value and even its stability.

Are trees planted in a safe position?

Another important question to ask that doesn’t commonly cross your mind while looking at new homes is if the trees are located in safe spots. A tree that falls on your house during a storm can cause considerable damage. Check if the surrounding trees could possibly fall on the house. Also inspect the trees for signs of rotting. Inquire about whether or not a tree needs to be cut down.

To buy a house in good condition and prevent costly repairs shortly after settling, it’s important to ask the three questions listed above. You should inquire about the windows and trees and read the seller’s disclosure before buying Dayton homes for sale. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and also Follow us on Twitter for daily tips we post there as well.

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