The Top Five Best Suburbs to Purchase Real Estate Property in Dayton, Ohio

Places to Consider when Buying Real Estate Property in Dayton, Ohio

If you have your heart set on living and moving in your very own real estate property in Dayton but haven’t decided which neighborhood you should pick in this bustling city, then an exclusive buyer’s agent can definitely help speed things up. Not only will a reputable exclusive buyer’s agent protect the buyer’s interests, we […]

Dayton Ohio Real Estate Outlook: Millennials on the Move

The Dayton Ohio real estate outlook includes an update on what millennials have been doing lately. In recent years, millennials have been largely thought of as a generation of renters. They’ve unfairly received this moniker because of a number of factors, none the least of which is that home prices throughout the U.S. have consistently […]

Dayton Ohio Real Estate Trends: A Look at New Home Building

In examining Dayton Ohio real estate trends, at first glance some statistics are difficult to understand. For example, when it comes to homebuilder confidence in the December report recently released by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) the number reflects the highest confidence level since 2005 – a period of 11 years! In addition, […]