Five Captivating Features Draw Buyers to the Beavercreek Ohio Real Estate Market

Although considered one of the largest and most highly populated cities in the state, Beavercreek retains an undeniable charm for home buyers with its wide array of amenities, attractions, and opportunities. While fundamentally modernized, the city still boasts a small-town, friendly vibe that can certainly warm the hearts of new and old residents.

If you are thinking of purchasing real estate in Beavercreek, Ohio, here are five solid reasons to contact your exclusive buyer’s agent at Buyer’s Corner Realty to help you seal your deal.

Fast Facts to Entice You to Buy Real Estate in Beavercreek, Ohio

Ranked one of the best and happiest places to live in the state

People often say that happiness is a state of mind. For Beavercreek residents, however, happiness is founded on very tangible elements, including low unemployment and crime rates. They also enjoy a rather high median household income and property values consistently on the plus side because of the city’s prime location.

Residents are generally found to be highly satisfied with all the amenities and services offered within the city. Because they are only a few minutes away from the Dayton metropolitan area, they are also within reach of the area’s numerous amenities as well.

With these alluring features, Beavercreek consistently places high in many ‘top list’ surveys conducted by several reputable magazines and websites. The city’s focus on safety and economic stability makes it hard to match for an ideal lifestyle.

One of the safest cities in Ohio

Aside from residents enjoying a low probability of being victimized by either violent or property crimes, Beavercreek is home to many research and development facilities that work closely with (or for) defense contractors.

Furthermore, many of the residents are employees stationed at the nearby Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. In fact, the former vice commander and the highest ranking woman in the United States Air Force, Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger, is a native of Beavercreek and a proud graduate of its local high school.

Because of the base, a noticeable percentage of people who live in Beavercreek have a military background or experience, and are contributing to its peaceful countenance.

You’ll never run out of things to do

With 22 parks (both historical and otherwise), two golf courses, several museums, a number of malls, restaurants, pubs, clubs, and a soccer complex, there’s simply no chance of getting bored while living in this vibrant city.

Beavercreek offers a little bit of everything for those who want to devote their days off to some relaxation. In addition, the city government’s recreation department regularly hosts a major event for its very active residents.

Be surrounded by smart, educated neighbors

Almost every resident, or 96.9% of the total adult population, has at least finished high school.  Half of the adults hold college degrees while almost a quarter completed graduate studies or a professional degree.

In short, it’s highly guaranteed that conversations with your new neighbor will be informative, engaging, and academic. You probably won’t find another city that hosts such a high number of highly educated citizens.

Minutes from other major cities

There’s something reassuring in knowing you are only a few minutes away from other interesting places in Ohio. If you are working outside Beavercreek, the average commute time is only 19.4 minutes, with most residents opting to drive their own cars or join a carpool to get to and from work.

If you yet need a little more persuasion to purchase real estate and live in Beavercreek, contact your exclusive buyer’s agent at Buyer’s Corner Realty ho will happily accommodate your every question pertaining to a house and its surrounding area. Living in Beavercreek offers you the security, stability, and wholesome community fun that everyone craves. Call us today at 937-433-6838.

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