Three Things to Know Before Purchasing Real Estate Property in Beavercreek, Ohio

Moving to a new city is certainly hard – you have to consider so many factors that you may even find it just a little bit scary. Fortunately, there are professional exclusive buyer’s agents who can give you an accurate valuation of the piece of real estate you are interested in.

If you are thinking of purchasing a real estate property in Beavercreek, Ohio, for instance, you can contact a reputable exclusive buyer’s agent to help you find a suitable place to move in with your family. An exclusive buyer’s agent will give you an honest breakdown of what you can expect from the house you are looking at, and the neighborhood where it is built.

Important Things Your Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Will Tell You

Before officially moving in to Beavercreek, Ohio, you have probably gotten the basic neighborhood facts from your exclusive buyer’s agent. Facts that would have the biggest impact on your daily life as try to take roots in this flourishing, big city.


The largest city in Greene County and second largest suburb of Dayton,Beavercreek is home to 46,277 residents of which 88.5% are White, 5.9% are Asians, 2.5% are Black, 2.6% are Hispanic or Latino, and 0.5% are Native Americans and other races. The median age for Beavercreek is 40.8 years old.


A booming city, the current unemployment rate of Beavercreek is 3.90%, which is considerably lower than the U.S. average of 5.20%. Compared to neighboring areas and the rest of Ohio, Beavercreek boasts the highest median household income at $81,379. It is even significantly higher than the U.S. median household income, which is only $53,899.

The most commonly held jobs in Beavercreek are in management, administrative, and sales, though the U.S. Census showed that the city has an unusually high number of employees that work for Life, Physical, and Social Science companies, Architecture and Engineering firms, or are Health Practitioners.


Beavercreek is proud to have one of the highest rate of graduates in the country. According to the Department of Education, approximately 95.1% of its residents are high school graduates while around 50% are proud holders of a bachelor’s degree.

Also, the average test scores of Beavercreek students even surpassed the National Average Test Scores by a whopping 30%, making it one of the best places to raise your kids.

Beavercreek, Ohio is undeniably one of the best places for any growing family to move to and live in. It is where job security and quality education are almost a given. By purchasing a home in Beavercreek, you are helping to secure your family’s future.

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