Buying Dayton Ohio Real Estate, You Should Know These Things

Most people buying Dayton Ohio real estate are somewhat delusional in thinking they know something about what they are doing. The fact is, unless you've bought and sold a lot of properties, you probably fall into the category of knowing very little. 3 Things You Should Know When Buying Dayton Ohio Real Estate, But Don't […]

Buying Dayton Ohio Real Estate – 13 Your Lucky Year?

2013 could be your lucky year for buying Dayton Ohio real estate. People who are either buying their first home or are moving up to a more expensive home are likely buying at a historically opportune moment. Two Markets Governing Buying Dayton Ohio Real Estate 1) The housing market and 2) The bond market. The […]

Buying Dayton Ohio Real Estate in 2013

Buying Dayton Ohio real estate in 2013 is likely to be very tricky for home buyers. Here’s why: The number of homes for sale fell to a 13-year low nationwide in January, leaving would-be buyers chasing a shrinking supply of homes just before the spring selling season. The Dayton Ohio real estate market is clearly […]