Buying a Dayton OH Real Estate During COVID-19 with a Buyer’s Agent

There is no question the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world we know forever. Wearing masks and keeping your distance from other people are now part of a typical trip to a grocery store or any other public venue. The Dayton OH real estate market has also changed with many home buyers putting their dreams of owning a house on hold, and many home sellers taking their properties off the market. In these uncertain times a strong relationship between home buyers and their agent is of the utmost importance, which has always been a number one priority in our Dayton OH exclusive buyer agency.

Buyer’s Corner Realty is an exclusive buyer agency with decades of experience in the Dayton OH real estate market and the surrounding areas. We don’t have listings and don’t sell homes. Our priority has always been home buyers and finding a property which fits their budget and their needs the best. If you ever used an exclusive buyer agent to purchase a house you will not want to go back to a traditional real estate agency. Prospective Dayton home buyers who are anxious about looking for a home in the times of a pandemic should consider hiring an exclusive buyer agent who will assist them through the buying process smoothly and safely.
How Covid-19 Affects Buying Dayton OH Real Estate

Looking for Dayton OH Home with an Exclusive Buyer Agent

Even before the coronavirus became a household word, most property searches would start on the Internet. Our website offers a wide variety of tools to help you browse through the Dayton OH real estate market from the safety and comfort of your own home. With today’s technology sellers are able to create very detailed virtual house tours which take you for a virtual walk through of the entire property, including walk-in closets, attics and more. Our team of exclusive buyer agents can help you narrow down your searches to properties which feature these options. Buying homes without actually, physically entering the property has been going on for decades. If you know without a doubt the agent you’re working with represents ONLY your best interest, 100% of the time, you can trust them to help you execute these sort of online transactions.

Here are some properties available in the Dayton OH real estate market offering virtual tours:

However, the majority of future home buyers prefer to visit the property before committing to buying it. As we mentioned before, exclusive buyer agents don’t have listings so they will only show their clients the properties which match their homebuying wishlist. Prior to meeting with our clients for a house showing we ask them to wear a face mask for their safety and ours. If they don’t have any we will be glad to provide them. Some sellers in the Dayton OH real estate market may require other extra precautions before entering their property.

Upon arriving some sellers may ask us to use hand sanitizers, wear gloves (in addition to the masks) and also to either remove footwear or wear booties over it. It is also encouraged for prospective home buyers not to touch any surfaces, cabinets, door handles inside the property, as well as avoid using bathrooms. Our team of professionals will learn about all these safety precautions before we meet for your house showing and we will make sure we are prepared for an enjoyable house touring while following the sellers’ requests.

As an exclusive buyer agency we always have our clients’ best interest in mind which is why we try to learn as much as possible not only about the house they are thinking about purchasing, but also the owners’ history and the neighborhood. In the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, to ease our clients’ anxiety we can find out if anyone residing at the property has or had the virus. We could also find out if the sellers have recently traveled to assess their exposure to the virus. Looking for Dayton OH real estate during COVID-19 may seem complicated, but at Buyer’s Corner Realty we are determined to make this process pleasant, safe and stress free.

Should You Buy Dayton OH Real Estate During the Pandemic

With everything going on, is this the right time to buy a Dayton OH home? The short answer is yes!

The latest data based on the Ohio real estate market shows that after the initial decline in home sales at the beginning of the pandemic the Ohio housing marketplace stabilized in June. Buyers are coming back to the market and contractors are working hard to keep up with the housing demand. The problem is the inventory is still low especially after many home sellers took their properties off the market back in March and April.

Where there is low housing inventory there is a high competition. The good news is many home buyers are still a little nervous about visiting a strangers’ house and meeting with an agent. This means if you’re a serious home buyer you should consider looking for a Dayton OH real estate property right now when there is not as many buyers to compete against. It is also a great time to consider hiring an exclusive buyer agent since they are experienced negotiators and can help you get the best deal on the property you really want.

Another great reason to buy a home now are the historically low mortgage rates. If the time of the quarantine made you wish for a bigger house with a spacious yard and a pool, this may be the perfect time to up-size. We assist our clients in finding the best mortgage experts in the area who can help them lock in the best rate and own their dream home.

Last but not least, real estate has always been a stable and sound investment in the time of a crisis. Even after the tragic events of 9/11 when airlines shut down, events got cancelled and stock markets became unstable, real estate markets were the least impacted. At Buyer’s Corner Realty we understand the anxiety in these uncertain times and our priority is to help answer any questions or concerns our clients may have, as well as making sure they are always 100% satisfied with their new home purchase!

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