Dayton Ohio Economy Sees Sagging New Home Sales

The Dayton Ohio economy received a minor setback as new home sales fell in January. The Commerce Department released their month-end performance report showing that new home sales dropped from a 10-month high. Sales decreased 9.2% to an annual rate of 494,000 units (adjusted seasonally.) December's sales results were 544,000 units. Economists say, however, the overall […]

Dayton Ohio Economy Sees Growth in Senior Debt

The Dayton Ohio economy is full of them –– older Americans who collectively have more debt than ever before. Baby boomers who've lived in the generation of rising housing prices, more expensive cars, and the staggering cost of higher education, now find themselves nearing retirement owing money. Recent data released by the Federal Reserve Bank […]

Dayton Ohio Economy Lags

Growth in the Dayton Ohio economy was sluggish during the last quarter of 2015, contributing to the overall U.S. economy which ended with a 0.7% annual rate. Economists say the slowdown was due, in part, to cautious consumer spending, reduction in businesses making investments and stagnant exports to other parts of the world. Dayton Ohio Economy: What's […]

Dayton Ohio Economy – How to Save

Many people in the Dayton Ohio economy say saving money is a goal in 2016. The best way to save is to have a plan. Depending on your stage of life, a savings plan requires specific financial responsibilities and actions. While there's no such thing as a plan that fits everybody's needs, here are some suggestions. Saving […]

Dayton Ohio Economy Part of Nationwide Job Gains

Average unemployment in the Dayton Ohio economy mirrors that of the U.S., remaining steady at 5%. That’s a 7-year low. As the economy has grown, more people looked for employment. Job additions exceeded expectations according to recently-released November statistics. Job Growth in the Dayton Ohio Economy Job gains were solid nationwide, with employers adding 211,000 jobs […]

The Dayton Ohio Economy: Saving vs Spending

Recent statistics show Americans are saving faster than they are spending. The shift in consumer spending habits in the Dayton Ohio economy began during the most recent recession. The trend looks like it will continue heading into the holiday shopping season and beyond. The Frugal Dayton Ohio Economy Americans saved over $40 billion in October alone. The […]

The Dayton Ohio Economy: A Scam is Born

A scam tied to the new "smart-chip" enabled credit and debit cards has reached the Dayton Ohio economy as millions of Americans await their banks to send the new cards. While the chips are designed to put an end to counterfeiting, as usual, the bad guys have other things in mind. Crooks Target The Dayton Ohio Economy […]

Save Money in the Dayton Ohio Economy

Trying to navigate the Dayton Ohio economy can be challenging. However, if you’re a savvy shopper you already know there are good times and bad times to buy certain products and merchandise, and the month of August is no exception. Here are a few tips of what to buy — and not to buy — […]

2015 Housing, Stock and Oil Predictions

In our last video report, we took a look at how Wall Street experts and people on Main Street fared in 2014 when it came to predicting what was going to happen to the stock market, oil prices, and housing prices. In this report, let's see what the experts and a few people on the […]

Setting a Budget This Year

Are you one of the many people who set New Year's resolutions each year, only to find that you've strayed away from that goal by the end of January? If you've resolved to setting a budget this year, here are three things you MUST do in order to achieve your budget goals for the year… […]