Dayton Ohio Home Buying in December

When you think about "shopping" in December, it's normally in retail stores, not the Dayton Ohio home buying market.  However, the month of December could be a great time to shop for a new home. This may be especially true for potential buyers who may have been outbid during the more active home buying months. […]

First-Time Dayton Ohio Homebuyers Decline

While housing continues to make a steady recovery, the percentage of first-time Dayton Ohio homebuyers remains very low. At only 32% of all home purchases, first-time buyer totals have fallen to the lowest level in almost thirty years. Why Dayton Ohio Homebuyers Aren’t Buying Despite market conditions seemingly being favorable for first-time buyers, they simply aren’t […]

Dayton Ohio Home Buyers Need Help From Family

During the recession of 2009, the number of Dayton Ohio home buyers depending on down payment assistance from family members or friends tripled. It’s estimated that roughly 21% of homes were purchased by homeowners using a gift or a loan as their down payment. Let's look at why that need may still exist. Dayton Ohio […]

A Good Time for Dayton Ohio Home Buying

Dayton Ohio home buying markets are always changing — just like the seasons of the year. Many people associate spring with a renewed, popular time to home shop. Fall is usually associated with a slower-paced real estate market for a variety of reasons. However, fall could very well be a great time for Dayton Ohio […]

5 Dayton Ohio Home Buying Fears

Whether it's the fear of the unknown or the fear of discovering a problem, some Dayton Ohio home buying prospects are hesitant to enter the market. Sometimes the fears are justified, and when they are there are steps you can take to alleviate them. Facing Dayton Ohio Home Buying Fears Head On Fear of a […]

Student Loan Debt Affects Dayton Ohio Home Buying

The Dayton Ohio home buying market has been impacted by many potential first-time home buyers wrestling with repaying student loans. A recent survey revealed that young adults who would otherwise be prospective home buyers shelved their home search until their student debt is either reduced significantly or paid entirely. To make matters worse, many […]

Welcome to the Dayton Ohio Home Buying Market

Entering the Dayton Ohio home buying market can be an interesting and rewarding opportunity. In order to fully understand the home buying process, it's important to spend some time doing research on the market. Here are a few points to consider as you prepare to embark on your house hunting safari. Dayton Ohio Home Buying Tips […]

Dayton Ohio Home Buying – To Rent or Buy?

If you've followed the latest Dayton Ohio home buying trends, no doubt you've heard people say there's no better time to buy a home than now. With mortgage interest rates at very affordable levels, credit availability relatively high and down payment requirements low, it's a tempting combination for many renters thinking of entering the homeownership arena. […]

How Much Dayton Ohio House Can You Afford?

Many Dayton Ohio house hunters are entering the home market due, in part, to low interest rates. One of the most commonly asked questions of home buyers concerns how expensive a house they can afford. This video offers a little advice on how you can best determine the answer. Dayton Ohio House Search: Remember These […]