Dayton Ohio Home Selling Preparations

The Dayton Ohio home selling market continues to improve and, as prices steadily rise more homeowners are considering selling their homes. Informed sellers are aware there are a number of considerations prior to putting their homes on the market. Although we never work for sellers or list property for sale, and always represent home buyers only, […]

Dayton Ohio Home Selling Issues – Buyer Beware

The Dayton Ohio home selling arena can be an unsavory and downright scary place sometimes. Especially if you discover your home has issues that could have been avoided before you bought it. While most home sellers and their agents are respectable and above-board, there are those who aren't. Here are four problems some sellers often try […]

Dayton Ohio Home Selling Tips for Newbies

So, you’ve decided to sell your home? Before you do, consider these Dayton Ohio home selling tips for the best results. Follow These 4 Dayton Ohio Home Selling Tips Choose the right real estate agent. Of course, you can try to sell your home yourself, but most people seek the aid of a professional. Once you […]