Dayton Ohio Home Selling: Overcoming Fears

There comes a time in most every homeowner’s life when they’re ready to sell their home. Make no mistake, it can be a challenging undertaking for some. Often there are financial, emotional and even social consequences to consider. As a result, many homeowners struggle with fears once they contemplate entering the Metro Dayton Ohio home selling market. […]

Dayton Ohio Home Selling Tips: Set the Stage

It’s important to note a few critical Dayton Ohio home selling tips when getting ready to put your house on the market. Real estate experts say home staging can be extremely important in the appeal to prospective buyers. Keep these suggestions in mind for the best results: Proven Dayton Ohio Home Selling Recommendations Think of […]

Your Dayton Ohio Home Isn't Selling… So Now What?

A Dayton Ohio home that's priced correctly and has an overall general appeal should sell within 30-45 days in a good housing market. That's the consensus among most real estate agents and industry experts. When a sale doesn't occur in that timeframe, some home sellers and real estate agents can get discouraged, frustrated and antsy. […]

Selling Your Dayton Ohio Home

If you’re contemplating selling your Dayton Ohio home, there are several steps you can take that may help sell it faster than simply lowering the sales price. Here are a few tips that may pique interest from prospective purchasers and maintain your asking price. Dayton Ohio Home Selling Tips: Be Different Than Others in Your […]

Staging Your Dayton Ohio Home to Sell

Staging your Dayton Ohio home for sale can pay off big. On average, redecorating and remodeling a home can bring three times the return on investment at closing. Staging Your Dayton Ohio Home Integral to Selling Staging your Dayton Ohio home is a science more than an art, and has become an integral part of […]

Selling a Dayton Ohio Home: Lock Up Valuables

If you're selling your Dayton Ohio home, part of the staging process is removing valuables and anything that could be harmful before you start showing your home. Buyers do not need the distractions and unfortunately, not everyone is honest. Preparations for Selling Your Dayton Ohio Home Prepare for selling your Dayton Ohio home by putting […]