Improving Dayton Ohio Home Security

If you're not concerned with Dayton Ohio home security, perhaps you should be. The United States is the world’s most burglarized nation, with a burglary occurring every fifteen seconds! And, while we like to think of our Dayton Ohio neighborhoods as safe, the sad fact is that even in the best of neighborhoods throughout America […]

Dayton Ohio Homeowners Insurance Rates Vary

Most people know and understand that you can lower the monthly premium on your Dayton Ohio homeowners insurance by raising your deductible. But whether it makes sense to do so can vary. The deductible is the amount of a loss you must cover out of pocket. The deductible for a Dayton Ohio homeowners insurance policy typically […]

Perils of Dayton Ohio Homeowners Insurance Claims

Just because you have Dayton Ohio homeowners insurance doesn't mean it's a smart move to file a claim when something happens. Whether it's a water heater that leaks and causes some damage to your drywall, or a toilet that leaks and causes damage to your wood flooring, filing a claim on your Dayton Ohio homeowners […]

Dayton Ohio Flood Insurance Rates Increase

Higher rates for Dayton Ohio flood insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program took effect on April 1st. The increase hiked individual policy premiums for homeowners in high-risk areas by as much as 25 percent. The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014 carries some premium increases of up to 18 percent for primary homeowners […]

Dayton Ohio Homeowners Insurance – Filing Could Cost You

You should give careful consideration before even filing a Dayton Ohio homeowners insurance claim. Filing just one claim — even a small one — can send your premiums soaring through the roof (no pun intended!) Factors Affecting Dayton Ohio Homeowners Insurance Rates According to a new study from, the average premium increase is 9 […]

Dayton Ohio Homeowners Insurance Is Not Dumb

Getting Dayton Ohio homeowners insurance is not considered a dumb buy, but some forms of insurance do qualify as a dumb insurance. Some insurance is a total waste of your money, as outlined in this short video… . Some insurers offer discounts on Dayton Ohio homeowners insurance if you cover both your home and your […]

Dayton Ohio Title Insurance and Escrow Services

When it comes to real estate, just about everything is negotiable, so don't ever let anyone tell you that services like Dayton Ohio title insurance and closing costs (escrow services) aren't. Dayton Ohio title insurance companies are hired, in part, to issue title insurance protection for Dayton Ohio home buyers and lenders. Lenders require the […]

Dayton Ohio Real Estate Market Natural Disaster Risk

Many prospective homebuyers in the Dayton Ohio real estate market don't consider the risk of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes,  and flooding when buying a home. But like many markets throughout the U.S., the Dayton Ohio real estate market is at some risk of a natural disaster. Darren Blomquist, Vice President of RealtyTrac, takes […]

Flood Insurance For Dayton Ohio Homes

Every year the same question about insurance rolls around about this time. "Do people really need flood insurance for Dayton Ohio homes?" Consider this: Hurricane season in the Atlantic began June 1st and ends November 30th. The Eastern Pacific hurricane season began May 15th and also ends November 30th. Hurricanes don't just affect coastal homes, […]