Dayton Ohio Mortgage Market: Deja Vu?

The Dayton Ohio mortgage market remembers – as do we all – the U.S. housing crash of less than a decade ago. One of the hallmarks of the crash was mortgage lenders who required little or no supporting documentation. When the housing market was booming, they were called “stated income” loans and were advertised as […]

Dayton Ohio Mortgage Rates – Find the Best

Dayton Ohio mortgage holders agree, a mortgage is probably the single largest financial obligation most American homeowners will ever assume. Unlike personal loans, car loans or other consumer loans, the interest rate on a home mortgage loan can add up to a substantial amount over the life of the loan. Conversely, the lower your mortgage interest […]

Dayton Ohio Mortgage Prepayment Tips

Dayton Ohio mortgage holders often ask questions about the best way to prepay their home loans – and save money in the process. Follow these tips and you can save thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your mortgage. In addition, prepaying your loan will mean it will pay off earlier than the original […]

Dayton Ohio Mortgage Refinancing

The Dayton Ohio mortgage lending market experienced something unusual in the past sixty days. The Federal Reserve raised the interest rate back in December 2015. Since that time, mortgage interest rates have dropped to their lowest level in three years! Most economists and mortgage lenders pointed out at the time that an increase in the Fed Funds rate […]

Dayton Ohio Credit Repair: What You May Not Know

Dayton Ohio credit repair is very important these days. Good credit can ensure you get a preferred interest rate when you borrow and it's important to landlords when you rent. Insurance companies and prospective employers are using credit scores more and more. Because it's such a hot topic, if you have credit blemishes or bad […]