Dayton Ohio Home Selling: Your Next Move

Dayton Ohio home selling should be a happy occasion. Often, however, the next step – moving out of one home and into the next – can be stressful at best and sometimes downright traumatic. Taking a few necessary precautions can make it less worrisome, maybe almost enjoyable. Dayton Ohio Home Selling – A Moving Experience […]

Dayton Ohio Real Estate: Smarter Homes

The Dayton Ohio real estate market contains a relatively tight supply of homes for sale. During market conditions in which demand exceeds supply, you’d ordinarily assume that the chances of selling your home would be pretty good. However, homeowners selling older or outdated homes are finding it a little more difficult to sell. To combat this, […]

Dayton Ohio Real Estate: Flipping Returns

Higher Dayton Ohio real estate prices have ushered in the return of the house flipper. Flippers are loosely defined as investors who buy homes, maybe perform some minor or major improvements and try to immediately sell the properties –– usually at a much higher price than they paid for it. In 2015, the number of […]

Dayton Ohio Housing Market Blossoms This Spring

In the Dayton Ohio housing market and others throughout the country, as spring approaches so does a feeling of optimism for many looking to buy. Historically, for a variety of reasons, the coming of spring signals the start of the housing market's activity. However, with home inventory at considerably lower levels than most real estate […]

New Dayton Ohio Homes Bigger and Pricier

Dayton Ohio homes recently built are more expansive and expensive. And when it comes to homes, American homeowners love their space and spaciousness. However, large sized homes come with larger price tags. As home become bigger they’re becoming less affordable for a bigger group of prospective buyers. Dayton Ohio Homes: Big Houses, Big Prices In […]