5 Tips to Try on Your 2015 Taxes

As the deadline nears for filing 2015 income taxes, there's no time like the present to get a jump on being ready to file. Experts say planning ahead may help lower the stress created by filing your income taxes. Getting an early start can give you the time you may need to cover all the […]

Planning Ahead: Dayton Ohio Tax Tips

Most Dayton Ohio tax advisors suggest their clients to start thinking about their taxes early. As the end of the year rapidly approaches, now’s the time to do some tax planning. By starting now, you can make next April 15 a good bit less stressful. Here are a few tax tips that may be helpful. Four […]

First Time Dayton Ohio Home Buyer Tax Deductions

If you're a first time Dayton Ohio home buyer, there may be some important things you already know about, like things you now have to take care of yourself that a landlord used to do for you. But being a homeowner also affects tax deductions you can take to help lower your tax bill. Now […]

Your Income Taxes Thanks to Obamacare

When it comes to filing your income taxes this year, you've probably already received all of your income tax forms in the mail, like your W-2's, 1099's and 1098's (for deductible mortgage interest), and any others you might need for filing. You may have even filed your 2014 income taxes already. But what many filers […]

First Time Dayton Ohio Home Buyer? Tax Considerations

If you're a first time Dayton Ohio home buyer, there are some tax deductions you'll want to be sure not to miss when filing your taxes this year. If you're a long time seasoned Dayton Ohio homeowner, this probably won't be news to you. But a first time Dayton Ohio home buyer just might miss […]

Income Tax Preparer Tricks of the Trade

Here comes February, and here comes income tax time again. It seems like every year, income tax preparation companies try to find new ways to separate you from your money by not telling you everything. For example, if you made less than $53,000 last year, you can get your taxes prepared for you absolutely free […]

Dayton Ohio Short Sellers Get Last Minute Tax Break

Dayton Ohio short sellers who completed short sales during 2014 and had mortgage debt cancelled, got a huge 11th-hour tax break when the Senate extended the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act. The average Dayton Ohio short sellers had a mortgage balance one and a half times higher than the market value of the house. Big Break […]

How Much Do You Know About Taxes?

As we turn the calendar on yet another year, it's time to start thinking about income taxes once again. How much do you know about taxes? Take this pop quiz and see if you do as well as the guy interviewed on the street in Times Square… . We'll have more tips for you when […]

Save Money Next April by Acting Now

With the holidays upon us, you're probably thinking about gifts and relatives. But that's not all you should be thinking about. Take 30 minutes now to plan for next April, and that half hour could save money ($1000 or more) come tax time. Here's how… . Get more tips, news and articles about taxes by […]

Should Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Relief Act Be Extended?

Until the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness relief act was created in 2007, a person who short sold his home had to pay the IRS income tax and the mortgage debt forgiven in a short sale or mortgage term work out on his home. Clearly that made short selling and certain modifications impossible for many. If distressed […]