Five Tax Tips for Dayton Ohio Homeowners

Many Dayton Ohio homeowners have already filed their taxes for 2013, but a large majority have not. We direct this article to those of us who always seem to procrastinate until the last minute, and are lucky if we get our taxes filed by that dreaded April 15th deadline. 5 Important Tax Tips for Dayton […]

Deducting Mortgage Points on Your Tax Return

If you bought a home or refinanced your home in 2013, mortgage points you paid on the new loan are tax deductible. But depending on whether you purchased a home last year, or simply refinanced the one you already had, when you can deduct the mortgage points varies, as explained in this brief video… Check […]

Tax Breaks Dayton Ohio Homeowners May Lose

Dozens of tax breaks expired on January 1st. Dayton Ohio homeowners may have to do without some of these when they prepare their taxes next year, unless some or all of these deductions and breaks are retroactively extended by Congress. No one can confidently predict what will happen with restoring some or all of these […]

Year End Tax Moves

As we all prepare for the holidays, there is another major item creeping up on us. Tax time is fast approaching once again, and we have some year end tax moves and suggestions you should start thinking about now, even while you're thinking about the holidays. Check out our other articles and tips on tax […]

Easy Tax Mistakes Made By Dayton Ohio Home Owners

Even though we're still six months or so away from that dreaded tax filing season, we wanted to bring to your attention some easy tax mistakes Dayton Ohio home owners often make and end up paying more than necessary to Uncle Sam. Making any one of these tax mistakes as they relate to your Dayton […]

Dayton Ohio Real Estate Moves With Surprising Tax Implications

Everyone knows that owning Dayton Ohio real estate offers significant tax advantages. A recent survey of people who had bought homes in 2012 showed 79 percent said the mortgage interest and property tax deductions were "extremely important" factors to their decision to become homeowners in the first place. These two deductions are just the tip […]

Taxes: Preparing for Next Tax Season Now

Now that the April 15th tax deadline has come and gone, it's time to start thinking about taxes for next year. Most people are so glad to have tax season over with, the last thing they want to think about is taxes again, but now is actually the best time. For those of you who […]

Last Minute Tax Advice

The April 15th tax deadline is almost here, and even though most Americans have already filed their taxes — especially if they were due a refund — the IRS says 20 to 25 percent of us will wait until the last minute. If you're one of those last minute procrastinators, here's some last minute tax […]

Tax Breaks For Dayton Ohio Homeowners

Dayton Ohio homeowners will soon be turning the calendar and looking squarely at April 15, the day income taxes are due. If you haven’t already done your taxes, you should be gathering up your W2s, 1099s, bank statements and receipts. If you’re missing anything, you don’t want to wait until April 14th to figure that […]