Dayton OH Homes For Sale

Dayton OH homes for sale come in a variety of architectural styles. The diversity of our local real estate market certainly reflects the different characteristics of our residents. Prospective Dayton home buyers include healthcare professionals, military families, aviation and aerospace engineers, as well as many college students seeking to settle down and benefit from the city’s booming economy. No matter what your background or lifestyle you can certainly find your dream home in Dayton.

Types of Properties and Dayton Neighborhoods

Historic Homes

Dayton OH Homes For Sale

There are 10 historic neighborhoods in the city featuring one of a kind Dayton OH homes for sale. If you love history and you’re looking for a charming house with some unique architectural details you should consider Dayton historic homes. Apart from rare architecture many older homes in our local market also boast beautiful, mature landscapes which makes them stand out from other properties in a neighborhood.

The Dayton View Historic District features the largest variety of historical properties in the city built between 1880 and 1920. Among many other styles found here, there are some astonishing mansions built in Chateauesque style based on french country chateau homes with complex rooflines and facades. The chateau houses are typically constructed with brick or stone with round arch entries and multiple dormers. There are also some more modest homes which represent the classical American Foursquare architecture. This style can be easily recognized by a cubic shaped building, with full-width, single-story porch and two stories divided into equal spaces. This clean and economical design became very popular during the rise of mass manufacturing in America.

Next to the Dayton View district there is a much smaller Grafton Hill Historic District which features some of the most impressive Jacobean style homes built at the turn of the century. These homes can be identified by steep, pitched roofs, a façade with cross gables, tall, narrow windows usually in groups, and chimneys with ornamental chimney pots.

If you’re looking for a smaller home with some unique charm you should visit the Grafton-Rockwood-Wroe Historic District. In this neighborhood there are mostly single family homes with one or two stories built to resemble the Bungalow style of architecture. The Bungalow houses feature simple but solid construction with excellent plumbing, as well as prominent horizontal accents.

Located only few minutes from downtown Dayton, the Kenilworth Historic District combines the convenience of close proximity to the big city amenities along with living in a quiet and charming neighborhood surrounded by lavish landscape. The Kenilworth District offers a great choice of Craftsman style homes located on large wooden lots. The most common characteristics of Craftsman style houses are their low-pitched gabled roof with decorative beams under the gables, as well as squared and sometimes slanting porch supports. There are also several Tudor style homes with their characteristic steep-pitch side gable roof and stucco walls.

The South Park Historic District is the largest historic district in Dayton featuring over 700 properties built anywhere from 1880 to early twentieth century. Located only minutes from downtown South Park resemble a plethora of architectural styles. There are some amazing examples of Second Empire homes which can be easily spotted by their mansard roof which is a four-sided style hip roof with two slopes on each of its sides. Second Empire houses are designed with a great amount of decorative features such as patterned shingles, eaves with brackets and elaborate hoods.

If your heart is set on owning a Victorian home in Dayton you should visit the St. Anne’s Hill Historic District. This culturally and ethnically diverse neighborhood features some of the most amazing houses built a century ago. Victorian homes are beautifully constructed dwellings with asymmetrical façade, intersecting rooflines, patterned shingles and decorative trim.

Many home buyers who purchased homes within any of the historic districts in Dayton often renovate them making sure to keep the original architecture and charm intact. In fact, many older homes have tremendously sound construction and may be in better shape structurally than houses built in the 1980’s. If you consider buying an older home you should work with an agent who will make sure there are no major issues with the property you’re interested in. An exclusive buyer agent doesn’t work with sellers and only has the best interest of a home buyer in mind.

Take a look at some of the unique historic homes in Dayton available for sale now:

Contemporary Homes

If a historic home means just “old” to you there are many other properties available for sale. The Dayton suburbs offer contemporary style homes with steel, glass and concrete elements. Additionally, there are many one-story, affordable ranch houses with simple and open floor plans, as well as cape cod type dwellings with steep roofs and hardwood floors.

If you’re interested in new housing consider homes for sale in Oakwood, located just south of Dayton. Oakwood is known to be a very clean neighborhood with no abandoned or substandard properties. You will find many newly built brick houses in Huber Heights located near the Dayton airport. It’s an ever growing community perfect for families and professionals who need to commute to work in the city.

Buying a new construction house has its obvious advantages such as energy-efficient construction and appliances with many smart technological solutions which can be controlled with a smart-phone. Furthermore, new homes are often a part of the communities offering some great amenities such as a pool, a gym or a tennis court. However, just as it is with historic homes, all new homes are not created equal. Different builders use different materials depending whether their priority is low cost or high quality.

Buying a home is a process and it requires thorough research of a property and its location. As exclusive buyer agents working only for home buyers, we’ll provide our expertise and integrity to meet your home buying needs. Our goal is to help you find exactly the kind of property you want and can afford, not to simply sell you a house.

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