Dayton Ohio Real Estate Shopping for the Feng-Shui Conscious Buyer

Auspicious surroundings never hurt. The same is true in the Dayton Ohio real estate market. So, it is completely understandable if a homebuyer checks each prospective home for its feng-shui vibe. After all, you want a home that emotes a lot of positive energy in your life—resulting in good fortunes and happiness for years to come.

The practice of looking at a home through feng-shui eyes is nothing new. In fact, each year finds more homebuyers channeling the feng shui as they view each home on their buying list. They want to know that all parts of a home interact in a way that complements and supports not only their personal energy flow, but all that of all others who will be living there. Moreover, some believe that owning a home with good feng shui will not just bring happiness and luck, but will also bring good health and prosperity to homeowners.

Checking the feng shui in a prospective home is easier than you think. Just use this feng-shui checklist when viewing homes listed on the Dayton Ohio real estate market and elsewhere.

Top Feng-Shui Tips to Follow when Shopping the Dayton Ohio Real Estate Market

Strong Front Door

Feng shui espouses the belief that a house receives its energy nourishment, or chi, through the front door. This is why a sturdy, strong yet welcoming door is so important in a home’s design. The door should allow an open flow of energy while serving its purpose. This means any extraneous object that may deflect positive energy must be avoided. It must also open widely without emitting squeaks or creaks. At the same time, the size of the front door must be proportionate to the size of the house. For instance, a two-story house with a small front door does not emit good feng shui.

Positioning of All the Rooms

In feng shui, every room in the house should be appointed an ideal location in order to receive optimal positive energy. For instance, the kitchen should ideally be in the southeast quadrant or eastern half of the home. On the other hand, bathrooms should be located to the southeast, northwest, east or north, as these directions are said to be more harmonious with water.

Sunlight Exposure

According to feng shui, the greater the home’s exposure to natural light and sunlight, the more chi or energy it spreads. In this case, it helps if the house is facing in the direction of the sunrise. There should also be a lot of large windows in the house to invite as much light as possible.

Keep these feng-shui guidelines in mind and you will be sure to find a new home that is full of positive energy for everyone’s benefit. While it may be a challenge to find a feng-shui expert who can accompany you when looking at houses, if you can simply specify the feng shui house features you seek to your exclusive buyer agent, you can rest assured that the house you choose is designed to bring you luck, fortune, and happiness.

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