Dayton Ohio Real Estate For Sale

Dayton OH real estate for sale attracts a variety of professionals and military families constantly flocking to the area keeping the local housing market pretty busy all year. From family oriented neighborhoods with different styles of homes for sale to modern downtown condos within walking distance to all major attractions, you will surely find your dream home in the Greater Dayton area.

Dayton OH Real Estate Search

Take a look at some of the Dayton OH real estate for sale available now.

Types of Dayton Properties

The Dayton Ohio real estate market varies depending on location. If you’re relocating from a different state you should consider hiring an exclusive buyer agent who has years of experience and is very familiar with the area. Our team of experts at Buyer’s Corner have experience working with military professionals looking for their dream home close to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. As an exclusive buyer agency we always negotiate on your behalf and we never work for sellers.

Dayton Condos

Dayton Ohio Real Estate MarketCondos have become more popular in recent years especially among the younger generation of buyers wanting to live close to entertainment, restaurants and places of business. Many empty-nesters looking to downsize and tired of keeping up their yards are also attracted by stylish lofts in downtown Dayton.

If you’re a baseball fan you may consider condo developments such as The McCormick. Some of the units at The McCormick offer a view of the Dayton Dragons’ field so you could enjoy a game while having friends over. The McCormick condos offer many stylish features such as sliding “barn doors”, exposed beams, bare brick walls and large windows to let in lots of natural light.

Depending on your budget you may opt for newly renovated condos in downtown Dayton starting in the upper $200,000’s, or choose an apartment within short driving distance from the city center for less than $50,000. As your exclusive buyer agent, we will help you determine the best choice for your lifestyle and needs.

Dayton Multifamily Real Estate

Apart from a great variety of residential properties, Dayton OH real estate for sale includes many other interesting options. If you ever considered becoming a real estate investor you should take a look at multifamily real estate in the Greater Dayton area. Multifamily property usually consists of two or more separate units within the same building or occupying the same complex. Some of the most common examples of multifamily properties are an apartment building with several different units, a duplex which consists of two houses in one building without any common areas, or a townhouse complex.

Many home buyers think that to become an owner of a multifamily property you need to have an exorbitant amount of money in the bank. However, when it comes to this type of property affordability varies depending on how big of an investment you’re interested in. Additionally, some banks may see investing in a multifamily unit as a less risky option because of lower vacancy rates with regards to a single-family house.

There are two different ways you can invest in a multifamily building. You can purchase a rundown property, fix it up, and then sell it for a much higher price than what you bought it for. You can also purchase a property and rent it creating additional monthly income for yourself. You could also move in to one of the units of your multifamily estate and rent the rest, which might make it possible for you to qualify for owner-occupied financing, depending your lender’s guidelines.

If you buy a house with an intent to rent it you can only have one renter at a time. This means when your renter suddenly moves out you’re left with a vacant property which is not earning you any money. When you’re renting two or four units in one building you’re dealing with a lot lower vacancy rates which means a steady, monthly cash flow for an owner. The more income your estate provides the higher the property value.

Purchasing a multifamily house is a great investment but its success depends on several factors. Location is a key when looking for any Dayton OH real estate for sale but it is extremely crucial when buying a multifamily building. An attractive rental property caters to a diverse group of renters. If your rental unit is located within walking distance to restaurants, shops, and public transportation in a highly sought after neighborhood it will likely bring you more profit. If you’re interested in multifamily properties in Dayton OH you should check out Belmont, a neighborhood in the city located next to Walnut Hills and Shroyer Park. Belmont is a densely populated area with many restaurants, bars and parks attracting young professionals and retirees. Multifamily buildings in the Belmont section of Dayton range anywhere from duplexes to apartment buildings, with prices from the low 100,000’s to around a million dollars.

Buying a multifamily property is much more complicated than buying a single-family house. An investor needs to determine not only the property value, but also consider long-term costs, maintenance and compare it to other properties to determine how much rent to charge. If you decide to become a real estate investor it is important to work with an agent whom you can always trust and who has your best interest in mind, such as an exclusive buyer agent. An exclusive buyer agent can show you all types of properties including foreclosures and for-sale-by-owner buildings, and help you get the best deal on a multifamily property purchase.

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