Five Reasons Dayton Real Estate Should Be Your Next Wise Investment

Moving to a new place can be an exciting and challenging endeavour. While researching details about Dayton real estate, such as the current economic climate, cost of living, and security aspects can be fun, it may take up more time than you may be willing to spend.

While you’re still figuring things out in your head, why not read about these facts about Dayton, Ohio to help you decide whether a Dayton real estate investment is best for you? It’s the second most affordable city to live in.

It’s One of the Happiest Places to Work In

In an article published in Forbes about the happiest cities to work in, Dayton, Ohio ranked first. Employees were asked to evaluate factors that affect their happiness and satisfaction in their workplace. These factors included relationships with colleagues and superiors, work environment, compensation, company culture, growth opportunities, and more. The survey showed that employees from Dayton seemed to be happier and more content in the workplace.

Know Why Buying Dayton Real Estate Property Is Worth the Investment

Dayton is One of the Most Affordable Cities to Live In

The cost of living is another important consideration when looking for a new place to stay. Housing, rent, groceries, utilities, transportation – these are just some of the expenses you must factor in. Investing in Dayton real estate properties would ease some of these worries for you.

Regarded as one of the most affordable cities in the United States, the cost of living in Dayton, Ohio is generally lower than the average. In fact, the average rent in Dayton is lower than the average rent in the whole country.

Dayton Is a Place of Heritage, Innovation, and Engineering

The Wright Brothers, Neil Armstrong, John Glen – they are just some of the American pioneers Ohio is proud of. More than just a home to many historic individuals, Dayton, Ohio is also known for its defining inventions. In the late 1800s, Dayton was home to numerous innovations – from airplanes to cash registers.

Because of its rich innovative history, Dayton is a place geared towards industrial, aeronautical and astronautical engineering. Currently, the National Aviation Hall of Fame and the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Park can be found on the former site of the Wright Brothers Cycle Company.

The city is also surrounded with different academic institutions, such as University of Ohio, and Wright State University guaranteed to give your children the education they deserve.

Dayton Is Home To A Number of Hang-out Places

Whether you’re looking for pizza, donuts, steaks, or your favorite farm-to-table cuisine, Dayton houses a number of dining places guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Some of the local Dayton restaurants can be found on different “top lists.” Curious? You can simply conduct a simple Google search to see the numerous dining places where you can wine and dine in Dayton.

More than dining places, Dayton is also home to different music venues, vintage clothing shops, coffee bars and local craft breweries. Art enthusiasts will also enjoy watching symphonies, ballets, plays, operas, and other cultural events at Schuster Center.

Dayton Offers Numerous Recreational Activities

Of course, you’d love to live in a place where you can enjoy all sorts of activities with your family or friends. Do you know that owning Dayton real estate can give you lots of recreational choices? Water trails, parks – there are endless options in Dayton where you can just go hiking, boating, fishing or camping. Not the adventurous type? The area is also brimming with markets where you can buy different local produce. Surely, there’s an activity you can do with every member of the family.

While there are other factors in considering Dayton real estate property for purchase, knowing the ease and quality of life the area offers is key in making a wise investment. Should you like to secure yourself a property in Dayton, talk to exclusive buyer’s agents like those from Buyer’s Corner Realty. Call us today at 937-433-6838.

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