Facts to Know Before Buying Homes for Sale in Centerville, Ohio

Choosing to purchase and move to one of the many homes for sale in Centerville, Ohio might just be the best decision you ever make. The city of Centerville offers both the convenience of city life and the quaintness of a small town.

You might find some of these facts about Centerville interesting while you acclimate to your new surroundings.

Its population is quite small

For a large city, Centerville’s population growth throughout the past decade is surprisingly small compared to its neighboring cities. In fact, based on the numbers from the years 1990 up to 2010, its population growth did not even exceed the 12% mark. In fact, the highest percentage is only 11.6% during the 1990s, while the lowest is 4.2% in 2010.

Its small population equates to better job opportunities, as Centerville boasts a relatively low unemployment rate at 4.4% compared to a national average of 5.2%.

According to the latest statistics, most of Centerville’s residents are white (84.7%) followed by blacks (6.8%) and Asians (3.9%). The same statistics also indicate that women noticeably outnumber the men; females make up 53.7% of Centerville’s population.

Regardless, households run by white, non-Hispanic owners have the highest net income at $67,651, though homes owned by Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders enjoy the best home values on the market.

Manufacturing, retail dominate labor force

More than half of Centerville’s population works in either the manufacturing or retail trade industries. Retail stores within the city limits provide the most jobs. This data is unsurprising, considering the retail trade industry makes up almost 25% of Centerville’s esteemed employers, whose profits comprise about 67% of the city’s economy.

Manufacturing plants, on the other hand, account for 13% of the total employers in Centerville. They offer jobs in both management and production while contributing almost 10% to the city’s total economy.

True to its name, Centerville is the epicenter for opportunity and commerce.

You will be minutes away from everything

Centerville’s location facilitates an easy commute to almost anywhere within its 40-mile radius. The average commute time is 21 minutes, with most residents opting to drive their own car or join a carpool to and from work. Centerville lies only a few minutes away from Kettering, Dayton Mall, and Sugarcreek Metro Park.

Because of its location, Centerville can offer reliability, stability, and security for interested home buyers. If you are still undecided about buying any of the homes for sale in Centerville, ask us for more details about the area to help you come to a final decision.

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