Five of the Best Neighborhoods to Look at Homes for Sale Near Dayton, Ohio

It is pretty easy to fall in love with the Dayton, Ohio vicinity, given its tightknit community vibe and fun-filled amenities for every resident to enjoy. However, being the sixth largest city in the state, it is no small feat to browse and decide which of its several wonderful suburbs and neighborhoods are the best places in which to live.

Of course, your top choice wholly depends on what your priorities in life are. If you are a young professional, then your top concerns might be the average commute time, transportation, and nearby amenities. If you have a growing family, you might be concerned with the crime rates as well as the accessibility to high-quality education and health care.

If you are determined to purchase one of the numerous homes for sale around Dayton, Ohio, you might want to consider hiring an exclusive buyer’s agent to help you find, negotiate, and ultimately buy the most suitable house for your needs.

You can narrow down your search by starting with the following highly regarded neighborhoods around Dayton, Ohio—those chosen based on their affordability, accessibility, economy, and safety.

Factors to Consider when Looking at Homes for Sale Near Dayton, Ohio


Aside from being consistently placed among the best places to live in Ohio by several reputable real estate websites, Beavercreek has one of the most extensive health care facilities in the area. In fact, Beavercreek has an unusually high number of medical and health practitioners when compared to other neighborhoods, according to census figures.

Furthermore, Beavercreek enjoys one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and the highest graduation rates in the state. Subsequently, it is a perfect place for both single residents and young couples with children to build a new life.


Ranked as the best overall community in the Dayton-Springfield metro area by computer software, Smart Moves, Englewood is one of the most accessible, quaint, suburbs around Dayton. Located just northwest of Dayton—near Highway 40 and I-70, intersecting Route 48—Englewood borders Clayton, Butler Township, and Union. Its picturesque backdrop, relatively low crime rate, accessible outpatient care, and high graduation rates are just some of the reasons why its residents love this charming hamlet.

Huber Heights

Following Kettering and Beavercreek, respectively, in terms of population size, Huber Heights is home to one of the major employers in the state, the trucking industry. Its geographical location (near I-70 and I-75) is why. Furthermore, it hosts big-name manufacturers, such as Coca-Cola, Fukuvi USA, and Apache Technologies.

Even with the current economy, Huber Heights still offers some of the best employment in the state.


The largest suburb in Dayton, Kettering offers the most suitable place for young professionals with growing families. Kettering has a little bit of everything, from surprisingly fast commuter time, to highly accessible amenities, to exceptional school systems, to significantly high median household income, and a very low crime rate, there’s clearly nothing more to ask for.

Furthermore, Kettering plays host to top-class medical facilities, known for their expertise in cardiovascular and cancer care, as well as a Level 2 Trauma Center. Undoubtedly, owning a house in Kettering is as close as anyone can be to living the American dream.


One of the fastest developing cities in the state, Miamisburg offers top-notch healthcare services as the home to the biggest employers in the industry: Sycamore Medical Center, Lifecare Hospitals of Dayton, and Kettering Health Network (Premier Health).

It also houses some of the biggest players in the technology and finance industries, such as Teradata, PNC Bank, and LexisNexis. However, the most recent addition to its growing community is the construction of Austin Landing, one of the biggest shopping and retail hubs in the city. The other two retail giants found in Miamisburg are downtown Miamisburg itself and Dayton Mall.

Choosing to move to the Dayton, Ohio vicinity might just be the best decision you’ll ever make. Be sure to inquire about these places and amply research them before making a final buying decision. Lean on Buyer’s Corner Realty for more information on any of these prime locations. Call us today at 937-433-6838.

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