Five Facts Tip the Scale in Favor of Buying Homes for Sale in Dayton, Ohio

Most home buyers consider a number of factors before reaching a final decision on whether to purchase a piece of real estate. Because of the size of such an investment, this should come as no surprise. Every aspect of a new home should be examined with extreme care.

But sometimes, it’s the little things that manage to convince you to open your wallet and take the dive. While there are many valid reasons why you should consider buying one of the homes for sale in Dayton, Ohio, these cool and strange facts might just be the nudge that results in signing on the dotted line.

Potential Motivators in Looking at Homes for Sale in Dayton, Ohio

Foundation Day is April Fool’s Day

It might be a simple coincidence, or the founders might have owned a twisted sense of humor, but on April 1, 1796, 12 settlers from Cincinnati traveled up the Great Miami River to ‘discover’ what is now known as Dayton, Ohio. At the time, the area was inhabited by Native Americans. The settlement was incorporated in 1805—seven years before Ohio was even proclaimed a state.

Though the city was founded on every prankster’s golden day, the city is dead serious about providing the best services, amenities, attractions, and opportunities to its beloved citizens.

Beer plays a significant part of Dayton’s life

Surprisingly, beer plays a big part in both the city’s history and modern life. As one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city, Carillon Brewing Company operates from historic Carillon Park. This unique brewing company shows visitors how beer was made—1800’s style complete with the appropriate garb of the period. Brewers prepare dozens of batches of beer by mashing and fermenting hops.

You won’t thirst for company, either. Almost every Daytonian is adept at finding reasons to drink beer. A shining example: The renowned AleFest, where breweries far and wide tout and serve their finest brews to the horde of aficionados.

Full of University of Dayton Flyers faithful

Aside from their beer, Dayton residents just as faithfully revere the University of Dayton Flyers. It’s not just a gratuitous loyalty, either. The Dayton Flyers embody the classic underdog-to-contender storyline, from initially being a low seed in the NCAA basketball tournament to stunning everyone with huge victories over Ohio State and Syracuse.

The Flyers boast a higher-than-average crowd attendance with almost 13,000 screaming fans attending their games—an impressive number, considering that only 11,000 students are enrolled in the university.

Dayton residents simply love sports

In addition to basketball, residents also flock to soccer and women’s roller derby. In fact, the only sports teams that can rival the Flyers are the Dutch Lions, which is Dayton’s USL professional soccer team, and the Gem City Rollergirls.

Why not show their support? These sports teams embody the core principles of every great Daytonian: competitiveness, athleticism, and great teamwork. If ever you purchase a house and move to Dayton, there’s no doubt you’ll be rooting for them, too.

Your neighbor is likely a true American patriot

A majority of Dayton’s residents are either previously or currently stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It’s considered normal for non-military residents to tap on the backs and say a simple thank you’ to the brave men and women who are willing to lay their lives on the line for the country. Most local businesses also offer significant military discounts for those who served or are still serving in the military.

Dayton, Ohio offers more than just the typical city life. It presents a vibrant, colorful, and entertaining close-knit community, united by their love for beer, sports, and the American flag. If you find yourself wanting a change of scenery and lifestyle, consider looking into homes for sale in Dayton, Ohio. You might find exactly what you seek.

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