Is Now a Good Time to Renovate Your Dayton Home?

Covid-19 pandemic has forced most homeowners to stay around their properties for months. Many of them decided to make a good use of this downtime and tackle some renovation projects around their house. According to a NerdWallet survey, about 60% of American homeowners engaged in a home improvement project since March 1, 2020. With social distancing advisory still in place you may find yourself indoors a lot wondering if this is the right time to renovate your Dayton home.

Now is a Great Time to Renovate Your Dayton Home

Across the country, the majority of students still do a lot of school work at home. At the same time, many professionals turned their temporary working from home arrangement into a permanent one. As a result, transforming an extra bedroom into a professional looking home office or a home classroom has been one of the most popular house renovations projects this year.

Meanwhile, the Dayton real estate market, as well as many other markets in the country, is experiencing a boom in house sales. After months of quarantine, prospective home buyers are more than ready to find their dream home. If you are considering selling your home in the near future this is a perfect time to start on some renovations.

Before You Start Renovating Your Dayton Home

Homeowners are always excited embarking on a home improvement journey. However, before you run to the store to get all of your supplies there are few things to consider.

Will it Add Value to Your Home?

Turning your old bathroom into a glamorous, spa-like retreat might have always been at the top of your wish list. However, bathroom renovations can easily cost thousands of dollars and they won’t add much to the overall value of your house. According to Remodeling Magazine, homeowners usually regain only about 54% of the bathroom remodeling costs in increased home value. You will get a much better return on adding some improvements in the kitchen.

If you are thinking about taking an advantage of this hot Dayton real estate market and sell your house now, there are many affordable ways to remodel your house without breaking your budget. The simplest thing which dramatically improves the look and feel of any home is a fresh coat of paint. Experts say painting your front door can significantly increase a buyer’s interest. When choosing the paint colors for the rest of your house stick to the neutrals for a clean and fresh look. In the era of smart electronics, one of the best thing a homeowner can do is to replace lighting fixtures with smart lights. Many Dayton home buyers search for energy efficient homes which are less expensive to run and are good for the environment.

In the times of social distancing one of the best home improvements to spend your money and effort on is outdoors. No matter if you’re planning to sell your home or not, shaping up your landscape will greatly benefit the overall look of your house. Apart form the usual trimming, mowing and weeding consider adding a vegetable garden to your backyard. Growing your own edible plants saves money, improves your health and can be a very attractive feature for potential home buyers.

Plan Your Budget

Once you settle on a renovation project for your Dayton home another important step is to create a budget. You should decide exactly how much you’re willing to spend on the improvements and keep the number in mind when buying tools and supplies. Don’t get charmed in a store by an expensive kitchen backsplash and risk going over your budget. Additionally, especially with large remodeling projects, very often there are some unexpected expenses so set aside some extra cash for that purpose.

Do Your Research

There are many improvements homeowners can tackle themselves. However, if your renovation project requires skills outside of your comfort zone you should hire a professional. You may think retiling a shower doesn’t sound so complicated but if you are not sure what you’re doing you can create leaks which can lead to damage and costly repairs.

When looking for a professional contractor contact several different companies in your area and request written estimates for comparison. Upon reviewing the estimates, check companies’ licences, insurance, warranties and references. If you’re interested in a particular contractor search for the company online where you can read reviews on Google, Yelp and several social media platforms.

Prioritize Quality

Some exterior house paints are more expensive than others but cheap paint may easily turn into the expensive option if you have to repaint your house every couple of years. If you’re planning to renovate your Dayton home don’t just choose cheap materials in order to complete all the work you have on your wish list. It’s better to keep a project smaller and enjoy high-quality results. A professional contractor should be able to advise you how you can save money on some elements of your remodeling project and which high-quality items to splurge on.

Your house is your biggest investment. Adding improvements to your home not only increases its market value but it enhances the overall quality of life for you and your family. Keep your project within your budget, opt for high-quality work, hire a professional when necessary and you will certainly love your home’s new look!

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