Homes for Sale in Dayton, Ohio: There’s Something for Everyone to Love

Thinking of moving to Dayton, Ohio? This city, founded in 1796, is home to more than 140,000 residents. Showing you the best of both worlds, Dayton exudes the modern appeal of the bustling metropolis, while still maintaining its rich historical heritage.

Metro Area

Downtown Dayton is living proof of this city’s constant vision of progress. Condo developments are on the rise, giving city-dwellers a chance to be where the action is, whether it is for major sports events, the hip night scene, and more. Residents also flock to the Dayton Mall to shop, or to enjoy shows at the Victorian Theater and Schuster Center for Performing Arts.

With manufacturing and retail trade as among the leading economic sectors of Dayton, transportation has also greatly improved over the years. The Dayton bus system efficiently caters to the needs of the locals. The U.S. Census Bureau states that the average length of commute for workers in this city is only about 6.6 miles. You can expect to get from one end of town to the other in just under 25 minutes.

A Wide Variety of Choices: Finding Homes for Sale in Dayton, Ohio

Historic Charm

If you’re looking for something different from the usual urban scape of Downtown Dayton, there are historic neighborhoods that will be more to your liking. Many residents have chosen the quiet localities with beautiful mixes of century-old houses and contemporary buildings.

Dayton has always been recognized for its role in the development of modern aviation. Being the hometown of the famous Wright Brothers, the city is also home to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. As part of the Greater Dayton Area, the city of Centerville has been recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, as it draws you in with its vast collection of well-preserved early stone houses.

For More Information on Real Estate

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