Key Features Conducive to Green Living When Searching Homes for Sale in Centerville Ohio

Face it: just living every day is a challenge when it comes to maintaining a green lifestyle. So, what are the chances of you finding a green home when shopping the homes for sale in Centerville Ohio? Actually, they are quite good. It’s possible to move into a new and environmentally-friendly home, especially if you know how to spot one.

Why are buyers going green in the first place? According to the National Association of Realtors, one of the reasons an increasing number of home buyers prefer environmentally friendly features is because they contribute to lower energy costs over the long term. For starters, a green home usually boasts energy efficiency. This, in turn, leads to lower energy costs, since a home’s heating and cooling systems produce the most significant monthly bills. Moreover, you can also expect significant water savings when you move into a green home.

When looking at homes for sale in Centerville Ohio, there are a number of features you can check out to determine if the house is environmentally friendly enough for your taste. Further, if you are interested in achieving significant cost savings in your new home, following are other features deserving of your attention as you look at prospective homes.

Top Features Homebuyers Look for when Viewing Homes for Sale in Centerville  Ohio

Solar Panels

A significant quotient of energy can be gained from solar panels on a home’s roof, as it significantly minimizes a home’s electricity consumption annually. Put your savings aside for your next family vacation or the purchase of a recreational toy.

You can purchase a home with panels already installed, or you can opt to have them installed after buying a home designed conducively for solar panels. You must weigh the costs, however, between purchasing homes with panels or installing them after the purchase.

Some homes even feature solar roof tiles, which serve a few purposes: function, aesthetics, and solar energy conversion. They hold the advantage of blending in with the home’s architecture and design.

Geothermal Heating And Cooling

Another energy saving feature that green buyers should consider is a geothermal system, in which heat is continuously extracted from 450 feet underground to heat and cool your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a geothermal system tends to use 25 to 50 percent less electricity than conventional electrical systems. This means a house featuring a pre-installed geothermal system will save as much as 40 percent in energy bills.

Smart Irrigation System

Why settle for a normal irrigation system when you can have a smart one? This system surveys the soil condition and amount of light reaching each of its zones to determine when to water your yard. At the same time, it integrates local weather forecasts to ensure ultimate water efficiency. According to reports, a smart irrigation system in the home can help save as much as 40 percent in water consumption.

Windows and Natural Light

When looking at potential new homes, pay close attention to the windows. Ideally, they must be strategically placed and sized so they allow as much natural light as possible. Therefore, you don’t end up using your home’s lights most of the day, which can contribute to great savings in electricity.

Motion-Sensor Lighting

Ideally, your new home should already be equipped with motion-sensor lighting, which is triggered by motion in the room and automatically shuts off when motion is absent.

Living in a green home allows you to cut utility costs and contribute to the environment at the same time. Meanwhile, green homes tend to maintain a higher value than conventional homes, proving advantageous should you need to move and sell your green home in the future.

If you think looking for green homes for sale in Centerville Ohio poses a challenge, it really doesn’t. Simply specify to your exclusive buyer’s agent the green features you desire in your new living space. If it’s not green enough, consider adding some features yourself. Either way, may your house-hunting always be green!

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