In the Market for New Real Estate Properties? Ask About These Additional Rooms

One of the reasons you may be looking at new real estate properties is the fact that you’re looking forward to moving into a new home with the rest of your family that has additional rooms you may not have now. That is, new rooms which serve a different yet useful purpose other than just bedrooms.

Some of these rooms are designed to provide an extra space for everyone in the family to gather and spend more time together. Some, on the other hand, serve to make chores a lot easier. Having a hard time deciding which rooms are on your priority list when looking for real estate properties? Following are some of the most common types of additional spaces requested by homebuyers today.

Keeping Room

A keeping room refers to an area that is strategically located near the kitchen. Think of it as a smaller version of the living room. The entire family can gather here and chat over drinks or small meals. To accommodate everyone, simply fill this room with a couple of chairs and a sofa. In case you want a cozier keeping room, find one with a fireplace for cozy gatherings.

Laundry Room

If you have been folding or ironing your laundry in the living room for too long, you are probably yearning to gain a laundry room. Indeed, a laundry room means you can wash, dry and iron clothes in one space. The days of dragging huge laundry baskets across the floors are over. Every piece of clothing in the home can now be collected in one room.

Laundry rooms also tend to come with cabinets and drawers for easy organization of your laundry accessories. Doesn’t that sound amazing? It’s no wonder as much as 92 percent of homebuyers are asking about this feature.

Kitchen Office

If you happen to enjoy checking out cookbooks and trying out recipes from them, then you might be yearning for a kitchen office. As the term suggests, this is a little office space by the kitchen that comes with a shelf where you can arrange all of your recipe books, kept within easy reach while you’re cooking. Ideally, the kitchen office should also house a desk for your computer and printer to keep a hard copy of your favorite culinary collections, or search for new recipes on the Internet right in your kitchen.

Mud Room

The mud room is essentially the space designated for dirty storage. Usually located just off the home’s garage, this room is typically used to store outdoor or recreational equipment and gear. Items might include bicycles, kayaks, snowboards, skis, skates, or fishing gear. A mud room eliminates the dragging of dirty items across the floors of your house. Moreover, a mud room eases the search for your gear, which would otherwise be kept in disparate places around the house.

Having one or more of these rooms in your new house would certainly make home life easier. Consider which of these rooms make your priority list and then relay them to your exclusive buyer’s agent to help narrow down your list of real estate properties you may be wanting to look at.

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