Top Reasons to Purchase One of the Homes for Sale in Centerville, Ohio

If you love both history and architecture, then you should look no further as several homes for sale in Centerville, Ohio will most definitely satisfy your passion for both. Located in both Montgomery and Greene counties, this Dayton metropolitan city is famous for having the largest collection of early stone houses in Ohio State. Thus, many of these houses are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Aside from its rich history, the city of Centerville offers many perks and amenities to its residents.

Architects are Fascinated with Homes for Sale in Centerville, Ohio

Why Choose Centerville, Ohio?

For one, the city of Centerville is very accessible as it is located in the West-central part of Ohio and borders nearby big suburbs, Bellbrook and Kettering. Thus, the average commute time is fairly fast at 21 minutes when compared to the national average of 26 minutes.

It is a medium-sized city that houses almost 24,000 people. The population is 90% White, 3% Black, 3% Asians, 1% Hispanic or Latino, and 1% of other races. The median age of the city is fairly mature at 47.4 though it had enjoyed a population boom in the recent years with 13.28% growth.

Those who choose to live in Centerville are not only attracted by the great number of amenities or with the historical significance of the area, but are also enticed by the fairly low unemployment rate, low cost of living and refreshingly low crime rates.

The city of Centerville currently boasts a cost of living index of 81, which is approximately 4.40% lower than the national average. This is further supported with a significantly higher median household income of $62,117 when compared to the U.S. median household income of $53,889. The city also enjoys 1.34% job growth which has brought its unemployment rate to a low figure of 4.90%.

Best of all, Centerville is rated as relatively safe as its overall crime rate is 53% lower than both the national and Ohio average. Further classification shows that Centerville has an 80% lower violent crime rate and 50% lower property crime rate when compared to the crime rates in the whole state of Ohio.

If you are planning to look into several homes for sale in the city of Centerville to move to, you should contact a reputable exclusive home buyer agent. He or she will help you scope the neighborhood out and give you more interesting facts about the place in addition to working to get you the best home deal.

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